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One of the biggest problems I ran into when I was looking to start mining Bitcoin for investment and profit was most of the sites were written for the advanced user.The reason is that if you computer crashes and you do not have a copy of your wallet.dat file, you will lose all of your Bitcoins.Hi,bitcoin is new for me,can you plz reply by email and tell how many things i need to gather in order to mine bitcoins,i m from india,plz suggest me something really profitable,if possible plz send your whatsapp too,thanks.

You can choose reporting category and send message to website administrator.There are a number of mining options for multiple platforms although OSX users may find themselves in a bit of a pickle.Headless Linux Litecoin miner setup. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to install and configure Linux to mine Litecoin with your GPU at optimal settings.This is a trusted source and we can download the Litecoin wallet for Windows, Mac or Linux.

GUIMiner is the simplest solution for Windows users as it allows you to create miners using almost all standard graphics cards.If you want to compare different mining software you can do this here.

Sr Engineering Manager - Authentication at Target (Brooklyn Park, MN, United States).This video will demonstrate how to create an account at minergate and how to mine litecoin using the CPU of a computer running Ubuntu linux.A blog about Linux,. free money litecoin mining mining rich bitcoin making money getting rich 280x.A guide for setting up the Litecoin client and different mining software in Ubuntu Linux.Basically, you will make a more consistent amount of Bitcoins and will be more likely to receive a good return on your investment.

So, this is for the individual or group that wants to get started the easy way.GUIMiner-scrypt is a GUIMiner fork for mining scrypt chains, such as.Monero (XMR) is a Cryptonote algorithm based cryptocurrency, it relies on Ring Signatures in order.I knew enough about Bitcoin and Litecoin mining to know that there are.

While you could simply set a machine aside and have it run the algorithms endlessly, the energy cost and equipment deprecation will eventually cost more than the actual bitcoins are worth.Make sure you have a copy of the wallet.dat file on a thumb drive and print a copy out and keep it in a safe location.Download Litecoin customer from the authority Litecoin website page.Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world and that can be efficiently.Please note that using this guide with Debian 6.0.9, instead of the latest Debian, will result in 100% success.Just enter the data of the Bitcoin miner you are planning on buying and see how long it will take you to break even or make a profit.Examples of the best Bitcoin mining software for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

You work for shares in a block and when complete you get a percentage of the block based on the number of workers alongside you, less fees.

The process is very similar to that of mining bitcoin. (Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc.) through the litecoin website.Admins may or may not choose to remove the comment or block the author.

I have removed your credentials from the comment, you can reach us on the contact form as well.Got to Minergate, create an account, download the software, and start mining.Does anyone here know how to get a headless Linux server GPU mining litecoins.

Once you are signed up with a pool you will get a username and password for that specific pool which we will use later on.Once subscribed, the bot will send you a digest of trending stories once a day.

A lot of people that are not into Linux and are not familiar with it try to stay away form it, but when we are talking about Litecoin and other scrypt crypto mining.Litecoin Mining and GHash. and mining litecoins is slowly becoming easy enough. and the best way to get setup is with the Debian Linux Cryptocoin Mining Rig.His guide describes how to build a linux machine on the cheap with.He started mining early, and he has a crowd of Linux servers sitting in his closet.

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A mining pool is a group of Bitcoin miners that combines their computing power to make more Bitcoins.

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The program can be downloaded from SourceForge and is available for Windows (32 and 64 bit), OS X and Linux.Try coinbase or some other company for your wallet, Get a secure wallet and vault and you will have a safe place for your coins,John.

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You can download a local wallet here but make sure you keep a copy of your data backed up.

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Hi Ran, before jumping into Bitcoin mining, I suggest you to read this article about profitability: After that, you can check out the available hardwares for mining on this page, it also have a profitability calculator.Now that you have a wallet you are probably roaring to go, but if you actually want to make Bitcoin (money), you probably need to join a mining pool.How to mine Bitcoin with Raspberry Pi How to mine with Raspberry Pi How to mine Litecoin with. mine with your CPU or Raspberry Pi. as the OS Linux distribution.Luckily for us, however, bitcoins seem to be going up in value and should maintain their value over time, unlike your mint condition Tiny the stuffed Chihuahua.