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SF Bitcoin Devs is a meetup group that holds weekly seminars and hackathons.On Tuesday October 28, Bitcoin Magazine and Amagi Metals present the live stream of the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup at Geekdom.San Francisco Bitcoin Social: Every second Thursday and last Tuesday of the month.

Gavin Andresen - Chief Scientist, Bitcoin Foundation

Bitcoin Meetup - The Upcoming Kik ICO In San Francisco Bay

Mad Bitcoins and Ted (founder and CEO of Kik) will be at the SF Bitcoin Meetup tonight to chat about Kin.

Purse.io Opens Nakamoto's, San Francisco's Bitcoin-Only

Matthiew Riou, co-founder of BlockCypher, speaks at the SF

Live and recorded video from the largest Bitcoin meetup in the United States, in San Francisco, California.

Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money.

First 21 computer Meetup in SF March 1st : Bitcoin - reddit

In March I attended the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup which held a panel on Bitcoin security.

Bitcoin Miami Meetup - at Wynwood - sun.systemnews.com

Please mark your calendars for the next Women in Bitcoin meetup in San Francisco.

Mad Bitcoins goes to SF Bitcoin Meetup - April 29, 2014

Matthiew Riou, co-founder of BlockCypher, speaks at the SF Bitcoin Meetup to explain what BlockCypher offers users looking to build on the blockchain in the cloud and.

[News] [Live Video Stream] SF Bitcoin meetup at Geekdom

As a decentralized platform, Augur can offer exciting new solutions to this issue.A presentation on sidechains from the SF Bitcoin Dev Meetup: More Bitcoin Core.

[Live Video Stream] SF Bitcoin meetup at Geekdom

San Francisco Meetup (TBD day) - Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas will be participating in a session at the San Francisco Bitcoin Developer meetup on April 3rd, 2017, hosted by Digital Garage.At a recent SF Bitcoin Developers meetup, Bitcoin Core contributor and Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell provided a technical presentation.Joey Krug is the Co-Founder and Core Developer at Augur ( ), a decentralized prediction market that lets you place bets on future events.Bitcoin Tips: 14eU4wUeT8WU58Ut2LEVCrfWQevZCKiY1f San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup at Geekdom.

This upcomingTuesday, March 11th, at 6:00pm, the Silicon Valley Bitcoin Meetup is proud to present a number of speakers, including: Dan Roseman of Coinality.com, the.A Bitcoin-themed art event, Poof of Art, will be taking place on May 25 in San Francisco, dedicated specifically to the cryptocurrency.Bitcoin Beauties promotes use of currency by. anyone who has ever attended a bitcoin conference, Meetup,. of the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup.Taariq Lewis from SF Bitcoin Devs Meetup talks at the Bitcoin Meetup to outline upcoming events and opportunities for developer job openings in the cryptocurrency.Other articles in the SF IT Bitcoin section of Volume 220, Issue 4: Bitcoin WPB Meetup Bitcoin Miami Meetup - at Wynwood (this article).Joey was also recently awarded a Peter Thiel Fellowship in connection with his work on Augur ( ) and we are very excited to have him here with us this month.

Bitcoin News: The revolution will be Factomized - San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup.A group for discussing crypto-currency software development topics, from currencies like bitcoin, to the consensus blockchain technology, alternative chain.

Greg Maxwell on the Prospects of SegWit2x And Why Bitcoin Developers May Leave The Project If It Succeeds At a recent SF Bitcoin Developers meetup,...